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Please note that versions of most of my articles and essays are available at no charge here.

Nancy S. Kim, The Coerciveness of the Restatement of Consumer Contracts, 32 LOYOLA CONSUMER L. REV. 456 (2020) (invited symposium on the Restatement of Consumer Contracts).


Nancy S. Kim, New Developments in Digital and Wrap Contracts, 71 THE BUSINESS LAWYER 349 (Winter 2020-2021)


Nancy S. Kim, Revisiting the License v. Sale Conundrum, 54 LOYOLA OF LOS ANGELES LAW REVIEW 101 (2020).


Nancy S. Kim, Author Response:  The Meaning of Consent, 66 LOYOLA L. REV. 145 (2020) (symposium dedicated to CONSENTABILITY:  CONSENT AND ITS LIMITS)


Nancy S. Kim, Juliet Moringiello & John E. Ottaviani, Notice and Assent Through Technological Change:  The Enduring Relevance of the Work of the ABA Joint Working Group on Electronic Contracting Practices, THE BUSINESS LAWYER, Vol. 75 (Spring 2020)


Digital Contracts:  New Developments, Survey of the Law of Cyberspace, THE BUSINESS LAWYER, Vol. 75, (Winter 2019-2020)


Adam J. Levitin, Nancy S. Kim et. al., The Faulty Foundation of the Draft Restatement of Consumer Contracts, 36 YALE J. REG. 447 (2019)

Nancy S. Kim, In Re Marriage of Witten:  Subordinating Contracts to ‘Public Policy,’ 45 FLA. ST. L. REV. 996 (2018) (part of anthology, “The Best and Worst of Contracts Decisions:  An Anthology”).

Nancy S. Kim, Relative Consent and Contract Law, 18 NEV. L. J. 165 (2017)

Nancy S. Kim, Online Contracting:  Recent Developments, Survey of the Law of Cyberspace, THE BUSINESS LAWYER, Vol. 72, (Winter 2016-2017)


Nancy S. Kim &  D.A. Jeremy Telman, Internet Giants as Quasi-Governmental Entities and the Limits of Contractual Consent

80 MO. L. REV. 723 (2015)

Nancy S. Kim, The Wrap Contract Morass, 44 SW. L. REV 309 (2014) (symposium issue on WRAP CONTRACTS)

Nancy S. Kim, Two Alternate Visions of Contracts in 2025, 52 DUQ. L. REV 303 (2014) (solicited symposium issue on Contracts in 2025)


Nancy S. Kim, Situational Duress and the Aberrance of Electronic Contracts, 89 CHI-KENT L. REV. 265 (2014) (selected for symposium issue on Aberrant Contracts)

Nancy S. Kim, Website Design and Liability, 52 JURIMETRICS 383 (Summer 2012)


Nancy S. Kim, Contract’s Adaptation and the Online Bargain, 79 U. CIN. L. REV. 1327 (2011)

Nancy S. Kim, Reasonable Expectations in Socio-Cultural Context, 45 WAKE FOREST L. REV. 641 (2010) (invited symposium issue on Contracts in Context)

Nancy S. Kim, Expanding the Scope of the Principles of the Law of Software Contracts to Include Digital Content, 84 TUL. L. REV. 1595 (2010) (selected for symposium issue on the Principles of the Law of Software Contracts)


Nancy S. Kim & Joey Lin, Arbitration’s Summer Soldiers Marching Into Fall:  Another Look at Eisenberg, Miller and Sherwin’s Empirical Study of Arbitration Clauses in Consumer and Non-Consumer Contracts, 34 VT. L. REV. 597 (2010) (selected for symposium issue on arbitration)

Nancy S. Kim, Bargaining Power and Background Law, 12 VAND. J. ENT. & TECH. L. 93 (2,009)

Nancy S. Kim, Website Proprietorship and Online Harassment, 2009 UTAH L. REV. 993


Nancy S. Kim, The Software Licensing Dilemma, 2008 BYU L. REV. 1103


Nancy S. Kim, Mistakes, Changed Circumstances and Intent, 56 U. KAN. L. REV. 473 (2008)

Nancy S. Kim, Clicking and Cringing, 86 OR. L. REV. 797 (2007)


Nancy S. Kim, Martha Graham, Professor Miller, and the Work-for-Hire Doctrine:  Undoing the Judicial Bind Created by the Legislature, 13 J. INTELL. PROP. L. 337 (2006)

​Nancy S. Kim, Blameworthiness, Intent and Cultural Dissonance: The Unequal Treatment of Cultural Defense Defendants, 17 U. FLA. J. L. & PUB. POL’Y 199 (2006) (invited symposium)


​Nancy S. Kim, Evolving Business and Social Norms and Interpretation Rules:  The Need for a Dynamic Approach to Contract Disputes, 84 NEB. L. REV. 506 (2005)


Nancy S. Kim, Online Contracting:  Causes and Cures, in RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON ELECTRONIC COMMERCE LAW (ed. John A. Rothchild) (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016)


Nancy S. Kim, The Duty to Draft Reasonably and Online Contracts, in COMMERCIAL CONTRACT LAW:  A TRANSATLANTIC PERSPECTIVE (eds. Larry DiMatteo, Keith Rowley, Severine Saintier,  and George Zhou) (Cambridge University Press, 2013)

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